Our story

Biodiversity preservation has become a major issue of the XXIst century, but international responses are slow to come.

The project is born from this drive in early 2018 when we started a collaboration with S. Bürki, a botanist , to develop field tools to facilitate the identification of new species in the primary rainforest of Madagascar.

Madagascar 2018 Scientific Expedition
Lyon 2020 University partnership
Lausanne 2020 Interdisciplinary project

Future developments

We are driving this interdisciplinary project within EPFL


- Proof of concept -

Microfluidic device for DNA Barcoding


Field database active

Jura - Scientific expedition
pasture, jura, mountains

Expedition in the Jura to study wetland ecosystem and test in a harsh environment the first prototype of MicroCoding


CoWaS (Continuous Water Sampling)

Development of an automated instrument able to continuously sample water and extract DNA from this sample

DNA quantification

Development of the DNA quantifying system to give a real time feedback on their extraction

Scientific expedition
dolomites, fanes, landscape

Expedition in the Alpes to test in a harsh environment the first prototype of CoWas and MicroCoding V2

Scientific expedition to Mexico
river, mexico, water

Expedition in the last primary forest of Mexico to study the origin of vanilla and test prototype V3


Bringing the lab into the field and develop advanced portable, miniaturized and efficient instruments for field applications


Putting the latest technological advances at the service of environmental protection