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The Concept

Developing a new tool...

To fill the gap between new genomic conservation approaches and DNA sequencing technologies, we are developing a miniaturized tool to automatically process samples into the field and accelerate biodiversity identification

Miniaturized device for plant samples

GenoRobotics is developing a unique miniaturized automated device for on-site use covering steps from sampling to data processing

CoWaS - Continuous Water Sampling

CoWaS project is to develop an automated instrument able to continuously sample water and extract DNA from this sample

enabling the use of DNA analysis...

Biologist and botanists have enlarged their toolbox thanks to the latest biotechnology advances

The cost reduction of next-generation sequencing is popularizing access to new genomic techniques in conservation. The standardization of barcoding coupled with biodiversity databases such as BOLD has increased the speed of species identification.

DNA barcoding for plant

The use of DNA barcoding has deeply impacted taxonomy over the last decade, evolving from a species detection method to a tool for the identification and discovery of new species

Environmental DNA for water samples

The emerging approaches such as Environmental DNA and Environmental DNA metabarcoding are unleashing and empowering new applications in biomonitoring, invasion biology, conservation biology and ecology.

to speed up data collection...

The developed device will enhance biodiversity monitoring by providing a new way to acquire data on ecosystems and biodiversity with the creation of a database integrating all the data collected

Database of living things

GenoRobotics’ main impact is the creation of a biodiversity database interfacing with existing systems such as the Barcode Of Life or GenBank .

Field research tools

Bioinformatic tools will increase the device usefulness for biodiversity conservation and preservation by accelerating samples identification

...to tackle the biodiversity crisis

Today we face the 6th mass extinction in our planet’s history
Biodiversity preservation has become a major challenge of the XXIst century

The Anthropocene

How can Earth’s biodiversity and humans coexist in a world entering a new epoch: the Anthropocene

Repartition of biodiversity loss

On all continents, ecological disasters occur more frequently and biodiversity is the main casualty: the vertebrate population decreased by 60% in 40 years

Who are we ?

Initiating Team

Jonathan Selz

Project Coordinator

Nicolas Adam

Project Coordinator

Sven Buerki

Head of evolutionary botany


GenoRobotics is an interdisciplinary project associating engineers, scientists and students towards the development of a portable device enabling field DNA analysis

Engineers and Scientists

GenoRobotics’ objectives are to support biodiversity research and preservation, to broaden access to genomic data and…

The versatil team is composed of

EPFL Student association

…to promote transversal education through student projects

Students benefit from: