About Us

biodiversity is part of our DNA

Our main goal is to bring the lab into the field to enhance the capacity of biodiversity referencing and monitoring.

We are composing a versatile team that combines skills in life science, genomics and microengineering around a goal: the preservation of biodiversity.

Initiating Team

Nicolas Adam

Project Leader

Project Coordinator Project Cofounder

Jonathan Selz

Project Cofounder

Sven Buerki

Head of evolutionary botany

The organisation

GenoRobotics is an interdisciplinary project associating engineers, scientists and students.

Engineers and Scientists

GenoRobotics’ objectives are to support biodiversity research and preservation, to broaden access to genomic data and…

The versatil team is composed of:

EPFL Student association

…to promote transversal education through student projects.

Students benefit from:

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