Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

The technical development of the tools is carried out at EPFL and recieves fundings for student projects . However, a tool developed in the lab is not an effective tool in the field. The GenoRobotics association organises expeditions to test our tools in real conditions. They also allow us to collect a lot of valuable data. 

By becoming a sponsor, you make these expeditions possible and benefit from visibility on our various media.

Our costs

The cost of the 2023 is estimated at 3-4 expeditions, one of which will be local, one in Switzerland and one in Europe.

We have set up a system of sponsorship by categories, each of which has a minimum monetary amount. This amount can be composed of material contributions, cash contributions or services. A combination of both is of course also welcome in order to meet our research needs as well as current expenses. If you wish, customised categories can be created to best suit your wishes



Plasmid league


> 500 CHF
  • Logo on website
  • Social network post


> 5000 CHF
  • Everything from previous tier
  • Logo on video / flyers
  • Logo on T-Shirt
  • Goodies bag
Grown cell


> 10'000 CHF
  • Everything from previous tier
  • Logo on comity clothing
  • Presentation during meetings
  • Logo on tools


> 20'000 CHF
  • Everything from previous tier
  • Name an expedition

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