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Microneedles are a way to speed up and simplify DNA extraction for Plant samples. By puncturing the tissue with an array of needles manufactured with a specific hydrogel, we are able to bind small quantities of DNA that can be amplified for analysis.

To enable field use in adverse terrain, the instrument developed needs to be miniaturized. This will be achieved by designing a microfluidic system handling the various sample processing steps.

The quality of the extracted DNA is an important factor for downstream analysis such as PCR or sequencing. To assess this parameter, an integrated DNA quantification sensor based on UV absorbance is in the development phase.

DNA sequencing produces a large amount of data that needs to be managed. We are currently designing a database that fits the demanding needs of field operations, while still being able to interface with widely used international databases.

To enable effective field use, manual operations need to be reduced to a minimum. This improves the ease of use, the versatility and reduces the risk of sample contamination.